Nose is one of the organs that is important aesthetically.  It also has many other duties.  It is the starting point of our respiratory system.  It is used for smelling. It enables our voice to be specific to us.  It is one of the openings of our body that opens up to the external world.  All of these functions and aesthetic appearance are in interaction with each other.  Therefore, nose should be taken as a whole with its interior and exterior regions.  It is not quite correct to think that aesthetic problems are separate from functional problems and that separate treatments are needed.  If the aesthetic of nose is not good, usually its functions are also not good.  On the contrary, if there is a curvature on the nose that prevents respiration, it is not possible to obtain an aesthetic result without eliminating this curvature by surgery.

If you don’t feel comfortable or be yourself when you face with other people, and if you know or think that the person before you focuses on your nose as the most important organ of your face, if you feel unconfident when you look to a mirror or if you like your face but think that a small problem shadows your face, or if there is a curvature, deformation in your nose and this prevents functioning of your nose; reconstructive surgery of nose is performed to solve these problems.

It will not be exaggerated if we say that rhinoplasty is the most difficult reconstructive surgery.  It is a surgery where science and art come together.  By rhinoplasty, structure of cartilages and bones is changed and nose is reconstructed.  With this aim, sometimes it is necessary to reduce bones and cartilages, and sometimes to complete their missing parts and to change their form.  Purpose of this surgery is to obtain a nose which functions better and is compatible with the face aesthetically.  We can make your nose smaller or bigger, and remove the arc, if there is any.  We can make the nostrils smaller, and raise the nose tip if it is drop.  If the nose tip seems very wide and spread especially from front we can narrow it.  On the contrary, if the nose tip is narrow as if it is fastened with a latch, we can widen it.  If the tip is too pointed, we can make it normal, if the nose is too long we can shorten it and vice versa.  If the nose is skewed and inclined, we can reshape it.

We are trying to achieve this harmony by means of rhinoplasty.  We are offering our patients alternative nose shapes, provided that this harmony is maintained.  Thus there is no absolute truth in nose job.  Rhinoplasty may be performed in two ways, being open and close techniques.  All incisions is made inside the nose in the close technique.  Nose tip is opened by making an incision of 3-4 mm to the nose tip in the open technique.  In this way, it is possible to reach all nose structures and surgery is realized by seeing everything without leaving it to luck.  Before the operation, inside and outside of your nose is examined in detail.  Problems outside of your nose are discussed with you.  Photos of your face are taken from 8 different angles, and they are used for planning of the surgery.  Images taken by digital camera are also utilized.  In this way, appearance to be obtained after the operation can be visualized. Shape of the nose is constructed by working on the cartilages and bones.  Cartilage structure that is different for each person is carefully analyzed and problems are determined, thus solution techniques shall be applied in line with these problems.  Rhinoplasty is sort of a chess game the surgeon plays with the anatomy of the nose.  If the nose is reshaped successfully, you will be pleased; however if the surgery is not successful, it is very hard to reshape the nose.

Early recovery is 1 week after the operation, however it takes 4 to 6 months for the nose to take the shape we want.  We are taking our patients, who came from other provinces and from abroad, from the airport by the services of our hospital, harboring them and we are realizing their surgery and we sent them back at the latest within 5-6 days.  Afterwards, we can even realize their controls over internet.

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