Our center is established by Prof. Dr. Ümit ULUÖZ and Özhan ŞEN in a 2-storey building and on an area of approximately 650 m2 in the Alsancak district in 2005. Our organization is based on patient welfare in the area of Ear Nose and Throat, and operates with the principle to treat the patients by protecting them from unneeded surgeries. 

Our organization attaches particular importance to the opinions of the patients and aims to provide high-quality services with its examination units designed with a spacious, modern concept, fully-equipped operating room that has modern technology and sterilization opportunities, innovative expert staff and good-humored personnel.

Our center has served as a model for the foundation of similar centers, and we are proud to pioneer bringing new health care facilities to Izmir.  Our center shall be at the service of our patients in our new building in a short period of time.  

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