As it is known, paralysis of both vocal cords may be observed especially after goiter surgery and depending on certain diseases.  In this case normal talking of the patient worsens, and also patient breathes hard.  Also, individual experiences problems in his/her daily functions such as climbing up stairs, walking, talking, etc.  At this stage, we can enable patient to breathe and also talk by means of the technique we developed.  In our technique, we are taking one of the vocal cord to the side and fasten it there, thus enable the patient to regain his/her daily functions.

Patients maintain their lives without any problem by means of this surgery technique realized without making a hole in the trachea of the patients.  Additionally, we can close the hole in the trachea of patients who were previously operated, since he/she can breathe normally with this technique.  

No tissue is removed in our technique, and when vocal cord movement obtained again after a certain time period, knot made in the vocal cord is untied and patient is able to use his/her normal vocal cord again. 

This technique developed by Prof. Dr Hüseyin Katılmış was published in international magazines and introduced in conferences.  Results are fairly satisfactory in the patients for whom this technique was used in the past 7 years, and a second surgical intervention was not required for the patients. 

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