As it is known, bilateral vocal cord palsies may be observes especially after goiter surgery and depending on other diseases. In this case, normal talking of the patient is destroyed and also patient has difficulties in breathing, and experiences problems in his/her daily activities such as stair climbing, walking, talking, etc.  We enable the patient to breathe and talk more easily by the technique we developed.  We are pulling and fixing one vocal cord to the side, in this way patient recovers his/her daily functions.

Patients maintain trouble-free lives by means of this technique applied without opening a hole in the trachea.  Additionally, we can close the hole in the trachea that was opened previously by surgery since patient can breathe normally by this technique.

If vocal cord repairs itself after some time the knot made on the vocal cord is unfastened since no tissue is removed in our technique, thus patient can use his/her own vocal cord.

This technique developed by Prof. Dr. Hüseyin KATILMIŞ was published in international magazines and discussed in conferences.  Results obtained from patients for whom this technique was used in a period of 7 years are satisfactory, no second surgical intervention was needed for these patients.

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